1015 N. Blvd., Idaho Falls: 1950-54

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In 1950 the family moved into their new home, where Walt and Erline would live for the rest of their lives.

The house at 1015 North Blvd., Idaho Falls, as it looked July 6, 2016

Walter, William, and Weldon (right-to-left) in about 1951

L-R: Weldon, William, Walter, about 1951

Visiting grandparents and aunts in Dayton, Idaho:

Back row L-R: Aunt Joyce Atkinson, Erline, Aunt Frances Atkinson, Grandpa Earl Atkinson, Grandma Mabel Atkinson. Front row L-R: Weldon, William, Walter.

The same threesome in June 1953, wearing matching suits made by Erline.

Three Little Magi, Walter, William, Weldon

The same brothers (William, Walter, Weldon) with their dad, Walt, and dog Spot, about 1953:

William, Walt, Walter, Weldon, with dog Spot, all sitting on the front step of their home at 1015 N. Blvd.

A new Schwinn bicycle:

Walter (left) and William (holding the bicycle), wearing pants made by Erline? They wore bow ties in those days.

This was probably taken on Easter 1954:

Weldon with Easter Bunny, William and Walter holding new tool boxes. (Did Walt make them? … or did the boys make them with Dad’s help …?)

Wilford had entered the family by the time this was taken, likely during the snowy winter of 1954-55.

Erline, holding Wilford, Weldon holding a picture from Sunday School, and William.


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