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Walt father, Dewey Albert Whipple, and his wife, Kate (Wade) Whipple, possibly about 1960, in Tooele

Kate (Wade) Whipple and Dewey Albert Whipple in Tooele, possibly about 1960?

Youngest son Wesley, April 1960

Youngest son Wesley Whipple, on front porch at 1015 N. Blvd.

Erline’s family, about 1960

In back, L-R: Joyce, Sherwin, Frances, Erline. Earl Joseph and Mabel (Law) Atkinson in front. (This photo might have been pieced together to include Frances, who was serving a mission in Nice, France, at the time?)

Two family photos, May 1961

Bill, Erline, Walter (in back). Wilford, Wesley, Weldon (in front)

Similar photo with Walt substituted for Erline:

Bill, Walt, Walter (in back). Wilford, Wesley, Weldon (in front)

Erline with her Primary class:

May 1961 photo of Erline with her Primary class, standing in front of the Idaho Falls Temple doors.

Weldon’s school picture, about 1961

Weldon Whipple, about 1961

Walter’s graduation from Idaho Falls High School, spring 1962.

Walter Whipple, Idaho Falls High School graduation day, spring 1962

Erline’s Primary class, one year later:

Erline’s 1962 Primary Class in front of the Idaho Falls Temple, June 1962

Wesley, spring 1962:

Wesley Whipple, spring 1962

Walt’s patented light fixture jig, August 1962:

Walt used this to hold up light fixtures, allowing a one electrician to more easily mount a fluorescent fixture to the ceiling.

Walter, about 1962

Walter Whipple, about 1962

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