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We finally built a double garage for 1015 N. Blvd in 1965. Walt bought 10-foot 2 x 4’s to have a 10-foot tall garage. Unfortunately, his sons didn’t realize that he really wanted a 10-foot tall garage, instead noting that the house had 8-foot walls, and thinking that they were two feet too long. By the time they learned of Walt’s intent, it was too late … so the garage had 8-foot walls.

Building a garage for 1015 N. Blvd. Walt is on the saw horse on the driveway. Uncertain who is on the roof. (It’s one of his sons.)

Here Weldon and Wes are trying out the new bicycle built for two, with Wilford following on his bicycle. The photo is on the street (North Blvd.) in front of our house. In the background is the Matthews’ home, eastward across the street from our home.

Weldon and Wes on the bicycle built for two, Wilford following behind. About 1965.

Wes, about 1965:

Wes, about 1965

Weldon, about 1965:

Weldon, about 1965

Walter, about 1965:

Walter, about 1965

Wilford, taking it easy in the family room, December 1965:

Wilford, December 1965

Wilford, ice skating at Highland Park, December 1965:

Wilford, December 1965, at Highland Park, Idaho Falls

Wes with his blaster in the family room, Christmas time 1965:

Wes, Christmas 1965

Christmas dinner 1965:

L-R: Weldon, Wilford, Walt, Wes, Walter (not shown: Erline, behind the camera)

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