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Walt (who had earned spending money giving haircuts in the army), giving Wes a haircut in the family room, March 1966

Wes, receiving a haircut from Dad, March 1966

At April General Conference, Salt Lake City, 1966:

L-R: Walt, Wilford, Erline, Wes, Weldon

Wes the Cub Scout, July 1966:

Wes in his Cub Scout uniform seated on the front step at 1015 N. Blvd, July 1966

More Scouts, July 1966:

Den Mother Erline in the back, Boy Scout Wilford (left, holding Sam the cat), Cub Scout friend of Wes (right), July 1966

Idaho Falls 18th Ward Sunday School faculty, 1966

Idaho Falls L.D.S. 18th Ward Sunday School faculty, 1966. Weldon (the Sunday School organist) is in the back row, on the right.

This photo of Wilford is dated December 1966:

Wilford Whipple, December 1966

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