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Bill’s arrival home from his mission to England, early 1966. Wilford, Bill, Erline, Walt, and Weldon at Fanning Field (Idaho Falls’s airport).

L-R: Wilford, Bill, Erline, Walt, Weldon, welcoming Bill home from his mission to England. (Wes is undoubtedly taking the picture.)

Bill the R.M., Spring 1967:

Bill, spring 1967, recently returned from a mission to England. (… with Sam the Cat)

Bill in his warm coat from England, holding Sam, in front of the new garage, 1967.

Walt with his stepmother Esther and father Dewey Albert Whipple, Spring 1967:

L-R: Walt, Esther, Grandpa Dewey Whipple. (Oh, don’t forget to notice Sam the cat.)

Erline, receiving an award for her service as Den Mother, with Jim Chandler (left) and Jerry Hatch (right), May 28, 1967

L-R: Bishop Jim Chandler, Erline, Stake President Jerry Hatch

Post-Register article about Erline’s award:

Article in the Idaho Falls Post-Register about Erline’s scouting award

Visit from Walt’s parents, summer 1967. Walt, Erline, Grandpa Dewey, his wife Esther, Wilford

L-R: Walt, Erline, Walt’s father Dewey Albert Whipple, his wife Esther, and Wilford. In the background: the Matthews’ home.

Visit to Walter in Klamath Falls, Oregon, July 1967.  Erline at the motel in Klamath Falls:

Walter was teaching organists and choristers in Klamath Falls:

Walter at the left, July 1967. at the hotel. In the background is our white 1955 Buick Super.

Wes, 1967:

Wes, 1967

Weldon, 1967:

Weldon, 1967

Wilford played the trumpet; Bill played the trombone. In the photo below they are shown playing each others’ horns.

Wilford (standing) and Bill (seated) playing each others’ instruments in the living room in Idaho Falls

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