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Walter and Mary headed to Los Angeles, where Walter pursued a doctorate at the University of Southern California. Here are Walter and Mary in March 1970:

Walter and Mary, March 1970, Los Angeles

It might have been the summer of 1969, but Walter made a clavichord. He is shown here, playing the clavichord:

Walter, with the clavichord he constructed, about 1970.

The following is a photo of Mary playing the basement piano at 1015 North Blvd., during a visit to Idaho Falls.

Mary, playing the basement piano at 1015 North Blvd., about 1970.

Walt and Erline welcomed their first grandchild in March 1970. This is Ian, oldest child of Bill and Emily:

William Ian “Ian” Whipple, 1970

Noriko Ichiki, the mission secretary for the Japan Central Mission, came to the U.S. to study at BYU in fall 1970. (Weldon was still on his mission in Japan.) She visited Walt and Erline, and traveled to Salt Lake City with them to visit Walt’s parents (Dewey and Esther) during General Conference weekend.

L-R: Noriko Ichiki, Erline, Grandpa Dewey Whipple, Bill, Wilford, ostensibly watching general conference on TV at Dewey’s home on 7071 Brookhill Drive, Salt Lake City. October 1970.

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