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Weldon returned from his mission to Japan on March 12, 1971. This photo was taken at Idaho Falls’ Fanning Field on that day:

L-R: Quinn (Bill and Emily’s 2nd child), held by Walt, Wilford, Bill, Emily holding Ian, Wes, Weldon, Erline. Fanning Field, Idaho Falls, March 12, 1971.

Nine days later Weldon reported his mission at the Idaho Falls 18th Ward, March 21.

Group photo on March 21, 1971, at 1015 North Blvd. Those pictured are almost the same as those pictured at Weldon’s farewell on October 6, 1968. All of Walt and Erline’s children, Grandpa Dewey Whipple and wife Esther, Uncle Albert and his family, Grandpa Atkinson, Aunt Joyce, new sisters-in-law Emily and Mary. Also next-door neighbor Maria Kuwana (to the right of Dewey).

Bill’s second son Quinn had made his appearance in October 1970. Here is a family picture of the family taken in 1971:

L-R: Robert Quinn “Quinn” Whipple, Bill Whipple, Emily Whipple, William Ian “Ian” Whipple, on the sofa in their living room on Crowley Street, Idaho Falls. 1970

Portrait of Ian and Quinn, 1971:

Ian and Quinn, oldest children of Bill (Walt and Erline’s 2nd son) and Emily, 1971.

Here Ian and Quinn are enjoying ice cream cones in a backyard picnic at 1015 North Blvd:

Ian (standing) seems pretty happy with his ice cream cone, don’t you think?
… and Quinn is intent on eating the bottom of his cone …

Here the two oldest grandchildren are playing in their home:

Ian and Quinn, happily playing in their home on Crowley Street, Idaho Falls.

Wilford graduated from Skyline High School in the spring of 1971:

Wilford Whipple on the day he graduated from Skyline High School, Idaho Falls. Taken in the back yard of 1015 North Blvd., May 1971.

It didn’t take Weldon long to show up in an outlandish mixture of shirt and tie:

Weldon Whipple, late 1971.

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