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Walter received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Southern California on June 8, 1972:

Walter, smiling and holding his DMA diploma from USC, Los Angeles, June 8, 1972.

All Walter’s brothers showed up for his graduation:

Walt and Erline’s sons in Los Angeles, June 1972. L-R: Walter, William “Bill,” Weldon, Wilford, Wesley “Wes”

Another pose:

The same five brothers, in Los Angeles, June 1972. L-R: Walter, Bill, Weldon, Wilford, Wes.

Bill and Emily brought their third son, Graham, to L.A. for Walter’s graduation. Here is the entire company:

More family members, Los Angeles, June 1972. L-R: Emily holding 3rd son Jonathan Graham “Graham” Whipple, Bill, Erline, Walt, Wes, Mary, Walter, Wilford, Weldon.

Walter and Mary soon left for Vienna, Austria, for a post-doctoral fellowship. Wilford and Weldon drove the Club Wagon to L.A. to get their belongings, which then left at Mary’s family home in Magna, Utah. Mary’s Brother Larry and her wife met Wilford and Weldon in Magna:


Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sowby, Magna, Utah

During the summer of 1972 while Walt was at Palisades Lake (in eastern Bonneville County, Idaho) with his three youngest sons, Wilford spied a large fish near the dam. The four of them managed to catch the fish shown below. They put the fish in the freezer until February 8 of the following year, when Wes used the fish for a speech festival at Mutual. The photo below was taken on February 8, 1973:

Wes, holding fish caught at Palisades Lake, Bonneville County, Idaho, during the previous summer. Photo taken on February 8, 1973, outside the bedroom window on the south side of 1015 North Blvd.

Having turned 19 (and caught the fish shown above), Wilford would leave for a mission to Anaheim and San Diego, California. Here is his missionary photo:

Wilford Whipple, 1972

Walt and Erline went to the Salt Lake International Airport to see Wilford off. Here is Erline:

Erline at the Salt Lake International Airport as son Wilford departed for his mission to southern California, 1972.

Walt took the opportunity to have his shoes shined at the airport:

Walt getting his shoes shined at the Salt Lake International Airport, 1972.

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