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This photo shows Bill and Emily’s three oldest sons, Ian, Quinn and Graham:

L-R: Ian, Graham, Quinn Whipple

This shows Mary (Walter’s wife) in Salzburg, Austria, in April 1973:

Mary Whipple (Walter’s wife), Salzburg, Austria, April 1973

Weldon played a senior recital in spring 1973. This shows him at the organ in BYU’s Madsen Recital Hall:

Weldon at the Walker organ in the Madsen Recital Hall, 1973. He received the de Jong Organ Award (along with his B.A. in music theory) that year at the April 20, 1973 graduation ceremonies.

Erline’s youngest sibling, Frances, sent this Christmas photo in 1973:

The Berghouts, 1973. L-R: Dan, Corie, James (in front), Uncle Henry (in back), Frances, Laine, David, Larry.

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