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Heather had joined Bill and Emily’s family in 1973. She appears with her three brothers in this family group:

L-R: Heather, Emily, Quinn (in front), Ian (in back), Bill, Graham.

Wilford (still a missionary in southern California) is pictured here with his new bicycle on June 10, 1974:

Elder Wilford Whipple with new bicycle in southern California, June 10, 1974

This is Wilford 12 days later, on June 22:

Wilford, June 22, 1974

Walter and Mary had welcomed their first son Tim in January 1974. Here Walter is holding Tim in the living room of 1015 North Blvd., during a visit:

Walter holding oldest child Tim in the living room of 1015 North Blvd, 1974.

Here are Walter and Tim a few months later, with Walt:

Walter and son Tim, with Walt looking from the left.

Erline rode on the 18th Ward Pioneer Day float, July 24, 1974:

Erline, riding a Pioneer Day float in Idaho Falls, July 24 1974
Erline at home, wearing the costume she wore on the float. (Of course, she sewed everything herself!)

In July 1974, Weldon spied Barbara Smith (whom he had first dated eight years earlier) on campus at BYU. They dated on July 24, and by the end of August were engaged:

Barbara and Weldon’s engagement picture, September 1974.

They were married in the Ogden Utah Temple in October:

Weldon and Barbara, just married. Pictured outside the Ogden Temple.

All Weldon’s brothers were in Ogden for the wedding:

All the brothers, pictured outside the home of Uncle Henry and Aunt Frances Berghout home in Ogden (following a wedding brunch). L-R: Walter, Bill, Weldon, Wilford, Wes

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