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1977’s March was a busy month. (All the photos from Walt and Erline’s photo collection that year were dated March 11, 1977). That was the date of Wilford’s marriage to Susan Waters of Idaho Falls.

Bride and groom Wilford Whipple and Susan Waters Whipple at their wedding reception in Idaho Falls

Here Wilford and Susan are next to the soon-to-be cut wedding cake:

Wilford and Susan by their wedding cake, Mrch 11, 1977.

Wilford with Walt and Erline and three older brothers (Wes was in Canada):

L-R: Weldon, Walter, Walt, Erline, Wilford, Bill

Family photo of Bill and Emily’s family:


Bill and Emily Whipple family photo taken at Wilford’s wedding reception, March 11, 1977, Idaho Falls. Back row, L-R: Bill, Emily. Middle row, L-R: Graham, Ian, Quinn. Front row, L-R: Meg, Heather

Susan’s parents and siblings:

The Waters family. L-R: Billy, Paula, Larry, Helen, Susan, Janice, Larry

Weldon’s family visited from Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, to attend Wilford’s wedding. During the trip Anthea discovered her Grandma Smith’s musical rocking chair.

Barbara and Weldon’s daughter Anthea, rollicking on her Grandma Smith’s musical rocking chair. Probably about March 11, 1977, Idano Falls.

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