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Walter (who had become president of the Poland Warsaw Mission in July 1990) sent photos of his children:

Tim, in May 1991:

Timothy Kirkpatrick Whipple, May 1991, living in Poland

Nine-year-old Elisabeth:

Elisabeth Anine Whipple, 9 years old, living in Poland

Meanwhile, Walt received a photo of his step-mother, Esther Irene (Muth) Whipple, taken on her 90th birthday:

Esther Irene (Muth) Whipple, 90 years old, February 2, 1992

This photo of Wes’ family is dated May 31, 1992:

L-R: Ryan, Alex, Lisa, Wes, Kevin, Aaron Whipple, May 31, 1992

A second photo, possibly taken the same year, of Wes’ family:

L-R: Wes, Lisa holding Alex, Ryan, Kevin, Aaron Whipple, about 1992

Finally, a photo of Walt and Erline at home, August 1992:

Erline and Walt at home, 1015 North Blvd., Idaho Falls, August 1992

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