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Two of Wilford’s children married in 2001. Katie married Justin Ruch early in 2001:

Justin Ruch and Katie Whipple were married in early 2001

Spencer married Shelene Diane Wyckhuyse at the end of 2001:

Spencer Whipple and Shelene Diane Wyckhuyse, 2001

Erline continued her involvement in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. This photo shows her teaching a DUP lesson:

Erline teaching a lesson to her Daughters of the Utah Pioneers group, about 2001

Walter’s family continued to grow in 2001:

Clockwise from left: Tim, Walter, Elisabeth, Mary, Max, Kristin, Payton.

Erline received several photographs from Wes’ family in Naperville, Illinois. Here Aaron site in front of his home-made computer:

Aaron with his home-made computer, about 2001

Wes’ third son Kevin played cello in Naperville’s Lincoln Jr. High School orchestra:

Kevin Whipple (nearest the camera) tuning his cello in the Lincoln Jr. High School Orchestra, about 2001.

Wes continued his work as a chemist for Nalco in Naperville:

Wes in his white coat at Nalco, Naperville, Illinois, about 2001.

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