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Weldon, Barbara, and some members of Wilford and Wes’s families met for a picnic at Weldon’s house at 1467 S. 135 W., Orem, UT, for a Sunday picnic:

L-R: Kevin and Lisa of Wes’ family; Aubrey, Blaine, Luke, Wilford and Eden (all of Wilford’s family); Barbara and Weldon; Alex (Wes’ youngest) holding Christopher Ruch (Katie’s oldest); Justin, Katie, and Susan (Wilford’s wife); Julia (Wilford and Susan’s daughter in front, in the red shirt). In front of Weldon and Barbara’s house, Orem, Utah, about 2002.

Four more subgroups, on the same day:

Justin RUch and Katie Whipple Ruch (Wilford’s daughter), holding their son, Christopher. About 2001 at Weldon’s house.
L-R: Nick, Weldon, Missy, Barbara. In front of their home, Orem, Utah, 2002.

Erline also received  photos from Wilford’s children’s families. From Spencer’s family, a Christmas photo:

Spencer and Shelene with their daughter Alexis, Christmas 2002

Katie’s family photo:

Katie and Justin Ruch with their son Christopner, Christmas time, 2002.

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