Education: The GI Bill, 1946-49

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Returning from the Army at the end of April 1946—almost one year to the day after being inducted—Walt enrolled at the Utah State Agricultural College as a sophomore, majoring in mathematics and physics.

The family lived in the basement apartment of the “Dunn home” at 265 North 300 East, within a block of the Logan Temple.

Walt, Erline, Walter, William, and (briefly) Weldon lived in the Dunn home at 265 North 300 East. Photo taken on Memorial Day, May 26, 2008.
Close-up of the entrance to the basement apartment of the Dunn home.
The same basement apartment door seen from a distance in the backyard.
Walter (Jr.) in about 1946


William and Walter, about 1946
Walt’s family in Lake View (near Tooele), about 1946. Walt and Erline (holding William) are standing at left. Walter is sitting at the left.


Walter and Willie, about 1947.


This photo shows Walter and Willie and their Christmas Present, about 1947:

Walter (standing) and Willie (seated) in their new Radio Flyer wagon, Christmas 1947.


Willie, Erline and Walter, about 1947


Willie and Wally, 1948:

Willie and Wally, 1948

Graduation Day, June 3, 1949

Weldon was exactly one month old when Walt graduated from the AC:

Queued up.


Family photo:

Erline with Willie and Wally in front, Walt holding Weldon

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