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Walter started piano lessons at a young age, and soon added organ lessons. (He was ward organist by 12.) This photo was taken about 1955 following a recital. Note the Hammond Organ on the right.

Weldon, standing in front of Walter (in the white jacket), Wilford on Walt’s knee, Erline and William, about 1955.

Erline’s brother, Sherwin, visited from time to time. He worked for Northwest Orient Airlines for a period of time, flying into the old log terminal at the Idaho Falls Airport to visit.

Uncle Sherwin holding Wilford on a visit in about 1955. Note our 1938 Buick in the background. (The back doors were hinged towards the back of the car, so that the doors opened differently than on later cars.)
Uncle Sherwin with four nephews (L-R) William, Walter, Wilford, and Weldon. In the front yard at 1015 N. Blvd. Note the ’38 Buick. At the left of the photo, note next-door neighbor Pearsons’ Plymouth.
Weldon and Bill by the front door. Note the Christmas wreath. December 1955.


William’s school picture, taken during the 1955-56 school year (likely during the spring 1956):

William’s school picture, 1955-56

Weldon’s first grade school picture taken the same year:

Weldon, 1955-56.

Hair cutting time. Walt had earned money cutting hair in the army. He used those skills on his sons. Here, Wilford is about to receive (or just received?) a haircut in the kitchen, sitting on the “pink chair.”

Wilford on the pink chair in the kitchen at 1015 N. Blvd. (Note the piano and Hammond Organ in the living room in the background.)

<-1015 N. Blvd., Idaho Falls: 1950-54 |  1957-59 ->

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