Newlyweds, 1943-45

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LeGrand showed up at Logan Knit, where Erline was employed, on Friday, January 29, 1943. One week later the two were married in the Logan Temple.

“Oh, Promise Me!” Erline and LeGrand were married February 5, 1943 in the Logan (Utah) Temple.
They looked young … and very happy!
Cutting the wedding cake, February 5, 1943.

LeGrand and Erline immediately moved to a ranch in Fishtail, Montana. Erline returned to Logan briefly for the birth of their oldest son, Walter, Jr., in December, 1943, then headed back to Fishtail.

This is Walter, Jr., and his dad on June 14, 1944:

Walter “LeGrand,” Sr., and Walter, Jr., June 14, 1943, in Fishtail, Montana

Erline’s birthday was three days earlier. This dress is Erline’s birthday present:

Dress Erline received for her birthday in June 1944.


This photo of Erline and Walter, Jr., was taken August 20, 1944:

“Smile Pretty.” Erline and her oldest son, August 20, 1944, Fishtail, Montana.

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